Great Cars - Große Freiheit

Hamburg-o-rama of survivor cars

„It’s perfect for us. A small family place, good food. Everyone minds his business. Perfect. They’ve got an old-fashioned toilet. You know, the box and the chain thing. We might be able to tape the gun behind it.”  Salvatore Tessio in The Godfather
Imported faster than he could deliver a pizza: Fiat Nuova 500 („probabilmente 1968, 1971?”), nice new souvenir of an Italian restaurateur in Hamburg in order to point guests to his house specialties. Who needs German license plates, taxes, all this stuff? No, he seemed to be an honorable signore, a man of taste, who prefers standing in the kitchen.

Even Enzo Ferrari called it „the most beautiful car ever made”, and he should know well: This one seems to be one of the super rare 1967–1968 1.5 Series Jaguar E-Type 4.2. But even if not, it’s gorgeous,
especially if it has this patina on its „willow green”.

Partly in original paint (L 324 „polarsilber”): VW Beetle export model 117, 1.2 liter, built on sixth of December 1956. Special feature: a second rear view mirror! I actually like these BRM Empi Riverside Speedwell wheels as concession to the modern times.

Special delivery! I haven’t seen one of these since my childhood: Volkswagen „Fridolin” (1964–1974), packed with memories and one of about 40 Type 147 still left in Germany, 200 registered worldwide. It was built at the Westfalia Werke in Wiedenbrück with parts from the VW Beetle, VW 1500, Karmann Ghia and the T1 and T2 Transporter mainly for the German (1.2 liter) and Swiss Postal Services (1.3 liter) and Lufthansa.

Une bouteille de fluide make-up,
un flash, un Browning et un pick up,
un recueil d’Edgar Poe, un briquet Zippo.

On s‘fait des langues

En Ford Mustang
Et bang! On embrasse les platanes
„Mus” à gauche „Tang” à droite
Et à gauche, à droite  Serge Gainsbourg („Ford Mustang”, 1968)

It’s no fun to stand between cows all the time: Suburbanite horsing around through Hamburg with his Ford Mustang 351.

A touch of endless summer in Hamburg today: Meyers Manx-style dune buggy on a shortened chassis of a 1966 Volkswagen Beetle, seen at the Stadtpark lake.

The facade looks quite classy. Ferrari 328 GTS Gran Turismo Spider (1985 until 1989), should have „HH-ROBIN 2” on its license plate.

On 09/09/1963 the Giulia Sprint GT was unveiled at the new Alfa Romeo plant in Arese. The public premiere took place in the sober atmosphere of the Frankfurt Motor Show, where in addition to the beautiful lines (even Jaguar seems to have copied later on the design by the young Giorgetto Giugiaro for Bertone) especially technology matters. Thanks to a powerful 1.6-liter engine with 106 hp from a twin carburettor system Alfa managed to beat even some Porsche. These early 105 series „step front” Bertone (until 1966) are pretty rare (lack of any rust protection).

Sometimes I’m downright afraid of these car perfectionists, where money is no issue: Austin-Healey 100 M (for its ability to reach 100 mph; 1955 until 1956), one of the „big Healeys” in better than new condition.

Along the Hamburg harbor you can walk for miles without meeting anyone except cormorants – and a rare bird like this. Near a rusty raft, where an unknown form of life seems to be hidden away, has survived this excotic Fiat 500 Giardiniera (1960 until 1977, in its last years produced by Fiat subsidiary Autobianchi) in an obscure version by Fischer Tuning (performance increased from 13 kW/17,5 hp to 650 cc with 18kW/23hp). The company does still excist in Gundelsheim/Tiefenbach in southern Germany.